Brett Robison is a cinephile, writer, music lover and weather enthusiast. He was transfixed at a young age by the likes of Stanley Kubrick, Terrence Malick, Martin Scorsese, Paul Thomas Anderson, John Cassavetes, and Frank Zappa. Brett has, since birth, resided in the blossoming artistic enclave of Denton, Texas, where he graduated with a B.A. in History from the University of North Texas.

Outside of his love for film, Brett is a drummer, a husband to his wonderful wife Nancy, step-father to 9 year old Braden, and–during the spring months–an enthusiast/spotter/chaser/photographer of severe weather (most notably tornadoes).

He’s also the biggest P1 of KTCK 1310 The Ticket you know.

This website is a labor of love. It is the byproduct of his passion for the moving image and his eagerness to both discuss and admire its ability to move us in invaluable ways.

Rating System

A: Excellent

B: Good

C: Average

D: Poor

F: Don’t waste your time


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